Toy Safe Wood Treatment Products

Natural Worktop Wax Oil




WOODCARE.GUIDE Natural Worktop Wax Oil is food and toy safe. This “Hardwax Oil” has a modern natural formula with added special natural ingredients for more versatility and functions. A mix of several natural woodcare oils and waxes creates a unique result and safe surface. With little effort, scratches and small dents on surfaces are possible to repair and return the surface to virtually original condition. Natural Wax Oil is suitable for kitchen worktops, furniture, tabletops, toys, and almost all woods indoors.

Available colours: transparent, white, grey, brown, black

Wood Stain Aqua Nature+




WOODCARE.GUIDE Wood Stain Aqua Nature+ is a 100 % vegan product with a future-proofed microplastics free formula. This product is natural and 100 % compostable. The formula is breathable, water-based and it has a beautiful deep colour. Wood Stain – Aqua Nature+ is toy safe and suitable for all woods. The product is very easy and convenient to apply.

Available colours: white, grey, black, brown, walnut, rosewood

Cold-pressed Linseed Oil




WOODCARE.GUIDE Cold-pressed Linseed Oil has a 100 % vegan formula. The product is slow drying when applied, but it offers very long-lasting protection and effect on wood. Cold-pressed Linseed Oil is food and toy safe. It is suitable for indoor furniture, tables, kitchen worktops and toys.


Food safety tested according to 1935/2004/EC.
Toy safety tested according to EN 71-3.