How to stain wood?


An environmentally friendly and water-based WOODCARE.GUIDE Wood Stain Aqua Nature+ gives the wood a breathable and protective surface. Wood Stain changes the colour of the wood and highlights the grain pattern. The product contains only natural ingredients and is 100 % compostable. Also, it is solvent-free and does not include wood preservatives. Wood Stain Aqua Nature+ is suitable for all wood indoors and outdoors (for wood-based materials indoors only). The colourless stain is only suitable for interiors and surfaces that are not exposed to the weather. The stain has a 100 % vegan formula and it is safe for toys. The stain gives the wood a beautiful and deep colour.

Easy steps for staining the wood:

  1. Remove hinges, handles, or knobs before you start staining. Woodcare products may change the colour of any metal hardware.
  2. The surface to be coated must be clean and dry. The wood surface should be lightly sanded before staining.  Clean the area with WOODCARE.GUIDE Terrace Wash or a similar product that removes impurities and old treatment residues. Let dry properly before treatment.
  3. Stir the stain well before use. There may be differences in color tones and gloss levels in different production batches. The shades also differ when applied to different woods, so testing the stain on an inconspicuous spot is always recommended. All stains can be mixed freely. Please note that mixtures of colourless and coloured stains reduce weather resistance and UV protection and shorten the repair interval.
  4. For indoor use, apply from 1 to 3 layers of stain, depending on how dark and rich the tone you prefer. For outdoor use, it is recommended to apply at least 3 layers of stain. You can apply stain with a stain brush or a sprayer. For the best results, treat 1–2 planks from end to end at a time. This helps avoid any traces left by the brush. After use, clean the tools with water and soap.
  5. Any excess oil must be wiped off lengthwise with a non-fluffy cloth. If not wiped off, the oil will form a film that can result in a scaly surface. Please note that too low a temperature significantly lengthens the drying time.
  6. Once the stain has dried, apply a clear finish (varnish, oil, wax, etc.) to protect both the stain and the wood. This improves the durability of the treatment.

Wood Stain Aqua Nature+ is available in transparent and several vibrant colours with a semigloss tone. The product is ready for use but is dilutable with up to 20 % water. Test colour tint before application. Use products from the same production batch or mix different batches before application. After application, claims concerning colour tints will not be accepted.

Please note! Natural products are neither yellowing-resistant, odourless nor emission-free. Consider possible allergies.

Toy safety tested according to EN 71-3.