How to treat and maintain a kitchen worktop?



In daily use, kitchen worktops are subjected to heavy consumption. Wooden worktops, in particular, need special care. Wooden worktops should always be cleaned gently with a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaning equipment and strong chemicals. Also, wooden surfaces should be dried immediately when they get wet. This may seem clear, but do not place hot pans, etc. straight onto the worktop or use it as a cutting board. If you want your wooden worktops last and remain beautiful, regular oil treatment is necessary.

Wooden kitchen worktops should be oiled a few times a year, preferably every three months. Naturally, the need for oiling depends on the utilization rate.

The best products for kitchen worktops:

WOODCARE.GUIDE Natural Worktop Wax Oil

The oil wax gives the wood a transparent or translucent surface and a silky shine. Protects the wood against drying, moisture and dirt. Strengthens the natural texture and color of the wood. 

HOW TO: Apply with a brush and allow to dry for 20-30 minutes. Polish with clean, dry cloths until the desired surface is obtained. Polishing is not required as a thin layer. Drying time: approx. 24 hours. Dust dry: approx. 2 hours. Clean tools with white spirit immediately after use.


Linseed oil gives the wood a 100% natural surface, emphasizing its natural structure. Gives the surface a beautiful, long-lasting and durable surface that protects from dirt, moisture and drying. Lighter woods take on a light yellow color.

HOW TO: Apply liberally with a cloth or brush. Wipe off excess oil after an hour. New or dried-out wood requires several treatments. However, the oil must be allowed to cure for at least 24 hours between each application. Clean tools with white spirit immediately after use.


The oil will highlight the natural structure of the wood and provide a lustrous, lasting and resistant surface, protecting against grime, moisture and drying out. Lighter woods will obtain a light yellow color. 

HOW TO: Apply with a cloth or brush. Wipe off excess oil after an hour. New or dried-out wood requires repeated treatments but the oil must harden (9-12 hours) between applications. Oil Sanding: For really smooth finish, sand surface in a layer of wet oil. Sand in the grain direction and wipe off excess oil after 15 min. 


Food-grade, colorless and completely odorless preservative. The oil is insoluble in water and does not form a film. The oil is colorless, but it deepens the natural tone of wood surfaces.

HOW TO: Wash the wood surface well and allow to dry completely. Apply a thin layer of oil with a brush, sponge or clean cloth. Allow to soak for a while and apply a second coat. After drying, the excess oil is wiped off with a clean cloth. The oil treatment dries to its final shade within a few days. Clean tools with soap and water.