Differences between Finishing Oil & Furniture Oil

Finishing Oil

WOODCARE.GUIDE Finishing Oil 250 ML

WOODCARE.GUIDE Finishing Oil is used for wood treatment and is also suitable for kitchen wood. For all types of treated wood, e.g. wax-treated wood. The oil highlights the natural structure of the wood and gives a shiny and durable surface that protects against dirt, moisture and drying. A light-coloured wood will obtain a light yellow tone. The drying time is 9–12 hours. The product can be used for oil sanding which gives a very smooth and beautiful finish.

Furniture Oil

WOODCARE.GUIDE Furniture Oil 250 ML

WOODCARE.GUIDE Furniture Oil is a combined wood cleaning and treatment oil. The oil protects the wood surface from drying out while reinforcing the natural colour and structure of the wood. The result is a beautiful and dull surface. The product spreads evenly and dries quickly. Suitable for oil-treated wood, but not for untreated, varnished or painted wood. The product can also be used on waxed wood, but then the color of the furniture might get slightly darker.