How to Treat Sauna Benches


Treating sauna benches is a simple task and it doesn't really consume much time since one to two treatment times in a year is enough to keep the sauna wood in good condition. If the sauna is being used only occasionally then one treatment time a year is enough.

If the sauna is being used weekly and/or by a lot of people then it must be cleaned regularly and treated at least two times a year. Treating the wood at regular intervals will protect the wood from moisture and dirt then the wood will last longer and the benches will stay hygienic.

Two essential steps

  1. Preparation
  2. Treat the wood

Choose one of these

  • Clean the sauna benches with a brush and a cleaning detergent (read more detailed instructions on how to clean sauna). Cleaning is enough when your sauna benches are not so dirty. If the sauna has been cleaned regularly and treated once or twice a year cleaning is enough to prepare the benches for the treatment agent.
  • Sand the sauna benches with 120 grit sandpaper. Sanding should be done when the benches have grime build up and if the benches hasn't been cleaned or treated for a long time. After sanding wipe the dust off with a damp cloth. 

Choosing the right treatment agent

Now the sauna benches are ready to be treated with the chosen treatment agent such as paraffin oil or other sauna treatment oil.  Choosing the treatment agent might be the trickiest part of treating sauna. There are so many wood treatment products on the market and it can be hard to choose the appropriate treatment agent.

To make things easy we always recommend Paraffin Oil, since it's available almost everywhere and works for most sauna woods. However, always remember to test out the product in an unseen place to make sure the product is suitable.

Treating the sauna benches

  1. Apply a thin layer of oil with a brush, sponge, or lint-free cloth. The bottom side should be treated as well, since often the mould forms underneath the benches and the treatment will prevent that.
  2. Apply a second thin layer, if the oil absorbs into the wood immediately
  3. Allow the benches to dry for about 20 to 30 minutes and if needed wipe off the excess oil with a lint-free cloth
  4. Let the treatment dry for 24 hours and then heat the sauna to about +50°C degrees to complete the treatment

The sauna is ready to use right after heating it up. The treatments final shade comes up within a few days. New sauna benches should be treated before use.


WOODCARE.GUIDE Paraffin Oil is a natural treatment oil for wood that protects untreated wooden surfaces, heat-treated panels and timber. Since Paraffin Oil is food grade, it can be also used for kitchen worktops, cutting boards and wooden kitchen utensils.

Paraffin Oil is odourless and natural product. It deepens natural tone of the wood and prevents the sauna benches from being too hot to sit on.



WOODCARE.GUIDE Sauna Care is a special treatment agent designed to stand temperature changes and to protect the wood against moisture and dirt. Sauna Care doesn't form a surface film that would feel hot against the skin. This transparent sauna treatment oil is not harmful to humans and it's non-flammable. 

Disposing the tools

Remember to dispose the paint brush or the cotton cloth safely since many treatment agents such as paraffin oil is flammable. Brushes can be washed with water because enough air can enter them. Rags, sponges or other similar oily materials must be burned or watered and placed in a fire-resistant container. An empty paint jar is not suitable for this as there is a risk of an explosion.