How to Use Natural Worktop Wax Oil?


Treating wooden surfaces with Natural Worktop Wax Oil 

Worktop Wax Oil is suitable for treating or finishing all kinds of oil or wax treated wooden surfaces. Wax Oil is safe to use in kitchen and other areas where food is prepared. Since Worktop Wax Oil is Food safety tested according to 1935/2004/EC it can be safely used for treating a kitchen worktop or a kitchen table for example. 

Worktop Wax Oil is also Toy safety tested according to EN 71-3 so it can be used for treating wooden toys and other wooden items that kids might get their hands on. 

Wax Oil gives the wood a translucent surface with silky gloss and it protects against drying out, moisture, dirt, while enhancing the naturalcolour andstructure of the wood.   

Step 1: Sanding the wood

Start with sanding the wood so that the wood is nice and smooth. Sanding will make the wood soak up the treatment product better and that way create more even finish. To sand the surface you can use a regular fine sandpaper alone or a sanding machine.


Step 2: Wiping the wood

To get all that sanding dust off the surface must be wiped down with a clean and moist cotton cloth. After wiping down the wood let it dry so that the treatment product is able to penetrate the wood.

Step 3: Applying Worktop Wax Oil

Worktop Wax Oil is in a bottle so it can be easily poured over the wood and spread with a paint brush or a cotton cloth.

To avoid any mess you can also pour the wax oil into a bowl. That way you will not get any wax oil dripping down on the side of the bottle and messing you hands. This technique might also make it easier for you to spread the treatment agent more evenly.


Step 4: Spreading Worktop Wax Oil

By using long strokes, brushing with the wood grain, spread the treatment agent evenly. Brushing with the grain will help you to get more even finish since the wood grains will help to disguise the brush marks.

If you are treating a wooden board start from the other edge (as shown in the picture below), make your way to the other edge.

You can also use a cotton cloth for spreading the wax oil. 

After applying the wax oil let it dry for about 20 minutes.


Step 5: Polishing

Take a clean cotton cloth and keep polishing the surface with it until you get the desired level of polish.

And you're done! Now just let it dry before placing any items on the treated surface.




  • If you're using coloured Natural Wax Oils you might want to treat two times to get more pigmented finish. For the best results you want to make really thin layers. In thin layers the finish will look really smooth and even without visible brush strokes.
  • The drying time is 24 hours. Remember to let each coat dry properly between the treatments.
  • If you're treating hardwood, be prepared to let it dry longer since hardwoods tend to soak up treatment agents slower.
  • If you're using transparent Natural Wax Oil, one slightly thicker layer might be enough since it doesn't have colour that would create visible brush marks.
  • If you're using white Natural Wax Oil be sure to make really thin layers and polish well between every layer. A thick layer of white Natural Wax Oil tends to turn yellowish due to UV-light from the sun.