Sauna Maintenance and Cleaning


During the sauna bathing, different types of dirt (sweat, grease, soap/shampoo residue, etc.) accumulate on the wooden benches. In a wood-heated sauna, soot easily stains all surfaces. To maintain the sauna fresh and hygienic, the sauna benches, walls and floor should be cleaned regularly. The sauna should be cleaned 2-4 times a year depending on the utilization rate.

Easy steps to cleaning the sauna

1. Vacuum or sweep the floors.

2. Moisten the benches and walls with warm water.

3. Dilute the sauna cleaner and apply it to surfaces. Let the detergent work for a few minutes.

4. Brush the wooden surfaces lightly with a root brush parallel to the grain and rinse.

5. Remember to wash the underside of the benches because it is a favorable breeding ground for bacteria and mould.

6. Rinse the wooden surfaces with cold water that closes the pores of the wood.

7. Finally, wash the floor. Do not scratch the silicone seams.

8. Allow the sauna to dry and ventilate well after cleaning.

Sauna Maintenance

After cleaning and proper drying, the treatment with WOODCARE.GUIDE Sauna Care is recommended. WOODCARE.GUIDE Sauna Care protects the wood against dirt and helps to keep the surfaces clean and hygienic. The new sauna timber should be treated before use and then regularly a few times a year during cleaning.