Differences between Oil Soap & Wood Soap


Oil Soap

Regardless it's name WOODCARE.GUIDE Oil Soap is really not a soap or a cleaning agent. Oil soap is rather a care product that will also give the surface a light cleanse and create a long-lasting and protective layer that will be dirt repellent. It gives the surface a natural shine.

Oil Soap is suitable for finished wooden surfaces like floors, cabinets, tables and chairs, paneling and laminate floors. It is also suitable for non-wooden surfaces like ceramic tiles, painted surfaces, linoleum- and vinyl floors. 

Oil Soap does not cause a hydrophobic reaction when used with other WOODCARE.GUIDE products so you can finish the treatment of your wooden surfaces with WOODCARE.GUIDE wood oil products. 

Wood Soap

WOODCARE.GUIDE Wood Soap is a natural care treatment for beech, oak, ash, pine, maple, birch and other untreated or soap treated wood species. It protects the wood from dirt and moisture. WOODCARE.GUIDE Wood Soap does not contain oil and can be used for regular weekly cleaning. Regular treatment increases wood durability. The product is ready to use. 

Unlike ordinary soaps or cleaning chemicals, WOODCARE.GUIDE Wood Soap does not destroy or damage the natural oils of the wood or reduce the effect of the wood care oils or waxes used.

WOODCARE.GUIDE Wood Soap is suitable for furniture and counter tops.