Spring Maintenance of Terrace and Furniture


Treating the terrace in the spring time will ensure that terrace looks its best during the summer's grill season.

In the spring the melting snow is a big moisture strain on the terrace and removing the snow is worth considering. If the furniture has been stored outdoors during winter, proper treatment is recommended. However, it is important to wait for the wood to dry properly before starting the treatment. Do not start the oil treatment until the outdoor temperature remains in plus degrees and there is no risk of night frost.

Follow the weather forecast and make sure that there is a suitable dry period for the treatment because the rain will spoil the result. It is recommended to choose tinted wood oil because the colour pigments protect the wood from the sun’s UV radiation.

Easy steps to embellish your terrace after a long winter:

  1. Remove the furniture, pots, grill, etc.
  2. Check the terrace structures and repair any damage.
  3. Clean the terrace and furniture properly by using a terrace cleaner and brush. If you use a pressure washer, remember to switch a special terrace nozzle and avoid damaging the wood. Let the wood dry properly before oiling.
  4. Treat the terrace (and furniture) with wood oil and let it dry for a couple of days.
  5. Put the furniture back in place and your terrace is ready for the summer!

Extra tip: It is recommended to relocate the furniture, pots, etc. during the summer. This allows the terrace to dry properly and keep the color of the wood surface even.