How to Treat Sauna with Paraffin Oil


Paraffin oil protects the wood and is non-toxic

WOODCARE.GUIDE Paraffin Oil is a clear, transparent, and odorless protective agent that keeps the sauna benches clean and hygienic. Paraffin oil is well suited for handling sauna benches because the agent is non-toxic and absorbs into the wood and does not form a film that would feel hot against the skin. Paraffin oil is suitable for almost all types of wood. The oil is insoluble in water, is non-flammable, and not dangerous to health. Treating the sauna benches with paraffin oil reduces wood cracking and stickingbecause it saturates the wood. Paraffin oil protects wood from dirt, impurities, and mould. The treatment must be carried out in dry conditions with a relative humidity of less than 80 % and a temperature of at least + 5 °C degrees.

Proper cleaning helps the treatment to absorb 

Before treating the sauna, the benches must be cleaned thoroughly. The benches must be completely dry before treatment so that the oil is absorbed into the wood and does not form a film on the surface. Paraffin oil is colorless, but it deepens the shade of the wood. At first, it is advisable to test the oil in an unnoticeable place to ensure a suitable result. Usually, mould begins to form underneath the benches, so the bottom side should be treated as well. Apply a thin layer of oil with a brush, sponge, or lint-free cloth. If the oil is absorbed into the wood immediately, you can apply a second layer. The benches are allowed to dry for a while and if necessary, you can wipe off the excess and unabsorbed oil with a lint-free cloth.

Sauna benches should be treated 1-2 times a year 

The sauna benches are allowed to dry for 24 hours, and after that, the sauna should be heated to about + 50 °C degrees to complete the treatment. Finally, the sauna is ready for use. The oil treatment dries to its final shade within a few days. New sauna benches should be treated before use. In the future, treatment with paraffin oil should be renewed about 1-2 times a year during the cleaning. The need for treatment depends on the utilization rate of the sauna. If the sauna is used much it needs to be treated more often. If the sauna is not used that many times in a year, one treatment can be enough. A neutral detergent such as Pine Soap is suitable for cleaning the benches.