Food Safe Wood Treatment Products


Natural Worktop Wax Oil 




WOODCARE.GUIDE Natural Worktop Wax Oil is suitable for the treatment or finishing of all kinds of oil or wax treated wooden surfaces from kitchen worktops or furniture to even toys. Gives a transparent or translucent surface with silky gloss and protects against drying out, moisture, dirt, while enhances the natural structure and color of the wood. Available colours: transparent, white, grey, brown, and black.

Cold-pressed Linseed Oil




WOODCARE.GUIDE Cold-pressed Linseed Oil is a cold-pressed and clean oil for indoor use. Suited to log walls, panels, surfaces, furniture, kitchen worktops, toys, and tools used with foodstuffs, such as cutting boards. Linseed oil is a 100 % natural product that absorbs into the wood and protects it against dirt, moisture, and cracking, and beautifully brings out the grain pattern and knots of the wood. The oil is completely natural and harmless to the environment.

Paraffin Oil 




WOODCARE.GUIDE Paraffin Oil is a food-grade, colourless, and odourless protection agent. Does not mix with water or form a film. The product is not inflammable or harmful to humans. Suitable for protecting untreated wooden surfaces such as heat-treated panels and timber, kitchen work surfaces, cutting boards, and sauna benches against dirt and impurities. The oil is colourless but deepens the natural tone of wooden surfaces.


Food safety tested according to 1935/2004/EC.
Toy safety tested according to EN 71-3.