The use of boiled linseed oil in the preparation of boat tar/tar stain mixture

WOODCARE.GUIDE Boiled Linseed Oil can be used to make wood oils, oil paints, and boat tar/tar stains. A traditional tar stain mixture contains tar, varnish, and wood turpentine in a 1:1:1 ratio. Pure tar leaves surface sticky, but tar can be thinned with boiled linseed oil and wood turpentine. Tar stain mixture allows even thick tar to penetrate wood better and the surface to dry faster.

The boat tar/tar stain mixture can be used to protect boats, houses, fences, saunas, piers, etc. This traditional wood preservative protects wood from moisture, mold, and dirt effectively and for a long time.

The tar stain mixture is suitable for sawn and planed new wood or surfaces previously treated with tar-containing products outdoors. The surface to be treated must be clean and dry. The tar stain mixture is applied with a brush 1–3 times, depending on the application. The drying time of the treated surface takes several days, depending on the absorbency of the surface and the air temperature (at least +5°C degrees and relative humidity below 80 %). Please note that the final shade of the product may vary due to the natural color variation in tar. The tar stain mixture can also be tinted.