How to use Natural Terrace Protector

WOODCARE.GUIDE Natural Terrace Protector is a patented next generation silica based natural surface treatment. This is the best and most natural way to protect wood and other surfaces with nature’s own technology, which is modified for ultimate protection. The surface of the silica particles is modified to provide soil repellency and improve the mechanical strength and durability of different surface materials. After some months of drying it creates a beautiful and natural silver-grey color for wooden surfaces. For other surfaces it is virtually colourless.

Natural Terrace Protector is a dirt repellent and reinforcing treatment for porous mineral surfaces such as wood, concrete, plaster and brick. The product provides a super hydrophilic effect that helps the surfaces to dry faster after rain than with any alternative treatments, without leaving droplet marks to the surface. 

Compared to traditional wood oils our Natural Terrace Protector creates a long lasting effect that binds to the surface lasting at best for a life time instead of the necessary yearly treatment like on with wood oils. Reapplication as per needed, perhaps once every 5, 10 or 15 years - depending on use. Silica itself will protect the wood virtually forever, or until the surface and then silica is worn out, heavy duty cleaners have taken much of it off or by years of much traffic and use like on public terraces - or if it is sanded off.


Surface to be treated should be clean of old oils, green growth or pigments and it should be dry.

Before application for best results, use WOODCARE.GUIDE Terrace Wash for old oil treated wooden surfaces. WOODCARE.GUIDE Natural Outdoor Cleaner is the best and most sustainable option against the most difficult atmospheric dirt/growth on the surface, but as a natural enzyme it needs several weeks for full effect. Alternative faster option is WOODCARE.GUIDE Mould & Maintenance Cleaner, while this requires more manual work and it is not as effective against atmospheric dirt.

For new pressure impregnated wood, it is better to wait at least a year before application so the Natural Terrace Protector has better possibility to penetrate the wood.

For other woods than pressure impregnated, we recommend testing. Larch and heat treated woods typically don’t absorb very well, so the effect or protection might not be as good as with pressure impregnated wood. There are no restrictions to use, but as this is a natural technology and some woods are different than others - results might vary between different type of wood.

Apply with low pressure sprayer or brush. Ensure liquid is absorbed by surface and avoid liquid build-up. Treatment should be done at temperature above +5°C degrees and it should not rain for 2-4 hours after application, depending on the air humidity and temperature. Protect surfaces that should not be treated as stains may occur on non-absorbing surfaces. A test prior to treatment should always be carried out on an invisible surface to determine level of possible discoloration and staining. Let surface dry before touching.

For annual maintenance, use WOODCARE.GUIDE Natural Outdoor Cleaner or WOODCARE.GUIDE Mould & Maintenance Cleaner for best durability.