How to Select the Treatment Agent

The most important thing is to choose a product that suits best for that use or situation.


Aqua Kuulto (Gleam)

WOODCARE.GUIDE Aqua Kuulto is a water-based combination of natural oils with a beautiful dark brown shade. It is recommended to choose the product for vertical surfaces, such as fences when you want to choose a slightly cheaper option than wood oil and the dark brown shade is most pleasing to the eye in that object. The product can also be used on terraces, but in places where there is a lot of walking or the surface is exposed to mechanical wear, the durability is not so good and in this case, over time, the passageways may become visible. For terraces, we recommend WOODCARE.GUIDE Wood Oil.


Wood Oil

WOODCARE.GUIDE Wood oil is a high-quality, water-based, and highly versatile natural oil-based treatment agent suitable for outdoor use, such as terraces, docks, garden furniture, etc. The product is a safe bet for any typical wood oil treatment. Available colors are transparent, gray, and brown.


Wood Oil Classic

WOODCARE.GUIDE Wood Oil Classic is a solvent-based wood treatment agent that absorbs well into the wood. The product gives the wood a water-repellent, translucent and beautiful surface. Suitable for outdoor treatment of clean and previously oiled surfaces, such as terraces, docks, garden furniture, gratings, etc. Suitable for impregnated wood (pressure-treated), hardwood, heat-treated and untreated wood.