Sustainable and eco-friendly Wood Treatment


The sustainability and environmental consciousness of wood treatment agents are essential for both humans and nature. The toxic substances contained in the products can be transferred to nature and be harmful to the users. For example, harmful substances may evaporate into the air, dissolve in soil and water, or release harmful microplastics and other particles.

The use of non-toxic products is safer because the product is not hazardous to inhale and does not cause skin irritation. Also, the disposal of the product is less harmful to the environment. Chemical exposure to humans and nature is harmful, and not all of its long-term effects are yet known.

WOODCARE.GUIDE cares about the environment

The environment plays a significant role in WOODCARE.GUIDE design philosophy. All our products have been designed with sustainability at focus. Many of our products have environmental certificates and we offer various products that are safe for toys and food. We do not have nanotechnology-based products in WOODCARE.GUIDE range because nanotechnology can be potentially harmful to health.

WOODCARE.GUIDE invests in natural products. In WOODCARE.GUIDE range, wood oils for outdoor use are water-borne and solvent-free. Many of our indoor products have environmental certificates, and many of them are safe for toys and food. For example, WOODCARE.GUIDE Linseed Oil and WOODCARE.GUIDE Natural Worktop Wax Oil are food-safe. Moreover, these products are Ecocert certified.

WOODCARE.GUIDE Wood Stain Aqua Nature+ has the most modern composition - it is 100% micro-plastics free, vegan and compostable. Also, WOODCARE.GUIDE Linseed Oil is a vegan product. To avoid waste, we offer different product package sizes to suit both small and large woodcare projects. Our product packages are recyclable.