DOs and DON'Ts of Wooden Deck Care



  • Do not paint the terrace as the surface will not withstand wear and will soon look scruffy.
  • Do not use a high-powered pressure washer without a suitable terrace washer nozzle. Washing with too much pressure can damage the wood. Remember to sweep the nozzle along the wood grain.
  • Do not allow debris to accumulate on the terrace as it will cause the growth of mould and moss.
  • Do not allow toxic treatment agents to run into the environment.
  • Do not clean the terrace with chlorine bleach as it will spoil the natural color of the wood and damage its cellular structure. 
  • Do not use the wrong type of wood treatment. Find out what type of wood your terrace is and how it has been treated in the past so you can choose the right product for your next treatment.
  • Do not assume that pressure-impregnated wood is maintenance-free. Pressure-impregnated wood also requires regular cleaning. It is recommended to oil the wood with regularly tinted oil as it prevents the wood from turning grey and makes it easier to clean the surface.
  • Do not oil wet wood. Let it dry properly after washing or raining.


  • Regular cleaning: Dry brush leaves, debris, etc. loose dirt from the terrace regularly. This prevents the growth of mould and moss.
  • Spring or annual cleaning: Brush the terrace with water and detergent to keep your terrace clean and ready for the summer season.
  • Annual oiling: Oil treatment with tinted oil protects the wood from UV radiation and dirt, prevents the growth of mould and moss and facilitates surface cleaning.
  • Sanding and sealing: If your terrace is old and has multiple layers of treatment, or the surface feels rough, it's a good idea to sand it before oiling.
  • Brush/sand the boards parallel to the grain of the wood.
  • Cover nearby shrubbery, walls, tiles, etc. before cleaning and oiling.
  • Remember to move furniture, pots, rugs, etc. from time to time so that the sun does not leave traces and the terrace can be cleaned under the furniture.
  • Use saucers for pot plants to prevent irrigation water and soil from spilling onto the terrace. 
  • Fix damages right away: check for loose screws or nails and loose or rotted boards or railing.

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