New Patented Natural Terrace Protector

New Patented Natural Terrace Protector in the WOODCARE.GUIDE Range

The future "wood oil" powered by GeoLink™ silicate technology - the next generation of silicon dioxide. The Natural Terrace Protector gives wood a beautiful natural grey colour. The product is more durable, economical, and cost-effective than traditional wood oil. In addition to wood surfaces, the product is also suitable for stone, brick, concrete, and even painted surfaces.

Natural Terrace Protector is an environmentally friendly, durable surface protection agent against wear and tear. It preserves and strengthens surfaces while also enhancing their self-cleaning properties. It can also be mixed with current products (e.g. paints, lacquer, coatings, etc.) to form an integrated solution.

The patented nano-technology formula uses water and silica to offer protection without harming the environment. Natural Terrace Protector not only minimizes the need for regular cleaning and the use of harsh chemicals but also extends the life of building exteriors, roofs, and pavements efficiently and sustainably.

Benefits Compared to Wood Oil:

  • Easier to apply - even with a pressure sprayer
  • Easier to keep clean - self-cleaning properties due to layering
  • Easier to maintain – extremely long-lasting effect
  • Protects and strengthens the wood structure and prevents splintering
  • Rainwater dries faster, no stains, and less time for microbial growth
  • Suitable for many other materials in addition to wood

    Benefits Compared to Other Silicon Dioxide-Based Alternatives:

    • Easier to apply - even with a pressure sprayer
    • Longer-lasting effect
    • No need for a second layer of silicon dioxide due to the unique functionality of silicon dioxide molecules and even greater mechanical durability
    • Much better performance against ice and water
    • No stains after water droplets dry, thanks to the composition
    • Much more economical: up to 50 % higher yield