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Garden Furniture & Deck Oil

Very high quality and durable finish - lasting treatment up to 3 years.

Special woodcare and protective oil for outdoors, for garden furniture, porches or other oil-finished structures. Suitable for all types of wood, including hardwoods, such as teak, merbau, mahogany, pine, beech and oak. The oil penetrates deeply into the wood, and seals it, providing lasting protection against drying, moisture, dirt, fungi and rot. Reinforces the structure and the color of the wood.

Instructions: Apply with a brush or cloth in a generous and even layer. Very absorbent surfaces should be treated more than once until the surface is saturated. Wipe off excess oil after 1 h. Clean the brush first in turpentine, next with soap water. Coverage: 8-10 m2/l. Drying time: ca. 24h (23°C 50 RH). Final drying time: 16-24h.

Tips to garden furniture maintenance.


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