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Wood Oil Original

A penetrating, water-soluble and natural oil -based wood treatment. For (pressure) impregnated wood such as terraces and piers outdoors. The surface must be clean and dry. New impregnated wood must dry for min. 26 weeks before treatment. Sand old or previously treated wood if needed, or clean it with terrace wash. Let it dry properly before treatment. Apply 1-2 layers as needed. For the best results, treat 1-2 planks from end to end at a time to avoid brush traces. Any excess oil must be wiped off lengthwise with a non-fluffy cloth. If not wiped off, the oil will form a film that can result in a scaly surface. When treating hardwoods low absorption can decrease the durability of the treatment. Mix well before use. In order to avoid colour differences, mix different batches in a larger container before use. The colour of the oil changes during drying.

TOOLS: Paintbrush, brush, or sprayer YIELD: Approx. 6–12 m2/l. DRYING TIME at +23 °C and 50 RH: Dust dry in approx. 4h, final drying within 16-24h. Low temperature significantly lengthens the drying time. CLEANING AGENT: Water. STORAGE: In minimum +5°C degrees, protect from freezing. 

WOODCARE.GUIDE Wood Oil Original is available in brown, grey, black and transparent. 

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