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Terrace Wash

Highly efficient cleaning agent for e.g. very dirty wooden surfaces and garden stones. The cleaning agent is slightly gelatinous, providing a longer impact time. Removes discolouration, algae, dirt and old wood oil. NOTE! Can erode alkaline-sensitive surfaces, such as glass and aluminium.

Instructions: Protect sensitive surfaces and plants. Moisten surface and apply terrace wash with a hard brush to 2-3 m² at a time. Let act for around 10 min. Don’t let the surface dry! Brush and rinse with a high-pressure washer. Don’t leave any cleaning agent residue on surface. Repeat treatment as required. Use rubber gloves and protective goggles.  Coverage: 1 liter / about 15 m².

After using Terrace Wash the terrace must be treated with wood oil.

Read more on how to clean terrace properly.


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Technical datasheet

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