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Furniture Oil

WOODCARE.GUIDE Furniture oil is a special woodcare & cleaning oil for oil finished wood surfaces like mahogany, walnut, rosewood, teak and most other woods as well. The wood will attain a dull, beautiful finish. 

WOODCARE.GUIDE Furniture oil protects the wooden surface against drying out, while reinforcing the natural color and structure of the wood. Removes effectively grease, dirt and finger marks. This furniture oil has a perfect consistency that is easy to apply evenly and it absorbs quickly.

The product can be used on waxed wooden furniture as well but then the color of the furniture might get slightly darker. WOODCARE.GUIDE Furniture oil is not suitable for untreated, lacquered or painted wood.After drying this product is completely harmless but for surfaces that are in contact with food we recommend WOODCARE.GUIDE Linseed Oil, Natural Wax Oil or Finishing Oil.

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