About Us


The WOODCARE.GUIDE brand is built upon the idea of guidance and support for the end user. Wood as a material is beautiful and durable when maintained properly and we want to not only offer the tools but also the know-how on how to do that. Both us and our products come from the Nordics where wood has always been the material of choice for many building and houseware items.

WOODCARE.GUIDE is a modern woodcare brand that offers a wide range of products with the highest quality. Our products make treating wood pleasant and efficient because the products are well thought the selection includes focused products for different applications, and the products are easy to use. The packages are informative, and sizes are designed to fit both small and big woodcare projects.

The environment plays a significant role in WOODCARE.GUIDE design philosophy. All our products have been designed with sustainability at focus. Many of our products have environmental certificates and we offer various products that are safe for toys and food.