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Boiled Linseed Oil

Made by boiling cold-pressured linseed oil twice. Protects against moisture and impurities. Suitable for all wood, old and new, indoors and outdoors. Suitable for hardwood surfaces, window frames, doors, edging, garden furniture and making linseed oil paint. Also suitable for the production of boat tar. The traditional mixture contains boiled linseed oil, tar and wood turpentine.

Instructions: Clean and dry the surface. Wood moisture content must be below 15 % and the relative air humidity must be below 80 %.  Remove any old treatment agents. Finish the surface with sandpaper and remove any sand dust. Can be thinned with conifer turpentine. Mix carefully before and during use. Apply a thin layer with a brush or a cloth following the direction of the grain pattern. Allow to absorb and wipe off excess after 30 min.  Sand lightly between treatments. Apply 1-4 layers depending on the surface. Also treat the ends of the wood carefully. After drying, finish with light sanding. Repeat treatment annually if required. Touch dry in 1-3 days / layer, depending on surface and conditions. Clean the tools with white spirit.



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