How to maintain hardwood

Hardwoods, e.g. teak, oak, beech, and mahogany wood, are expensive and require special care and maintenance. By their nature, dense exotic hardwoods have a very tight grain so it is important to use high-quality Teak Oil that will penetrate to the grain of the wood. WOODCARE.GUIDE Teak Oil is a special product for teak and hardwoods. Teak Oil protects hardwood against moisture and dirt and forms a weather-resistant layer. Teak Oil seals the wood, beautifully bringing out the grain pattern and knots of the wood.

Teak Oil is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, such as furniture and exotic wooden floors. Hardwoods are very durable and contain high levels of natural oils. This makes hardwood furniture weather resistant and they can be left outdoors over winter if indoors storage is not possible. Keep your golden-brown teak furniture looking like new with Teak Oil, or let your furniture age naturally. As wood ages, it takes on a silvery-grey patina look (when affected by the weather). You can preserve this appearance by using transparent Teak Oil. The bottle is user-friendly so the oil is easy to dose and apply. Apply one layer of oil, and allow it to dry for 24 hours and your furniture is ready to use. 


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