Product categories and symbols

WOODCARE.GUIDE products are divided into categories according to the purpose of use. You can find the category symbol at the top of the product. 

Garden category includes wood oils for outdoor use. With WOODCARE.GUIDE Wood Oil Original, you can treat terraces and piers.  With Home category products, you can treat your wooden furniture. WOODCARE.GUIDE Teak Oil is suitable for hardwood.
Kitchen + Living category includes products that are suitable for kitchen wood. For kitchen worktops, you can use WOODCARE.GUIDE Natural Worktop Wax Oil. Sauna category includes products for treating sauna benches. WOODCARE.GUIDE Paraffin Oil and WOODCARE.GUIDE Sauna Care are not flammable or hazardous to health. 
The products in Pre-treat + Care category have both cleaning and treatment properties. With WOODCARE.GUIDE Oil Soap, you can clean wooden and non-wooden surfaces.  With the products in Cleaning category, you can clean wooden surfaces indoors and outdoors plus your tools. WOODCARE.GUIDE Mould & Maintenance Cleaner removes all dirt from the terraces.

These symbols describe the most important features of each product:

Toy safety tested according to EN 71-3 Food safety tested according to 1935/2004/EC
Protects wood from dirt and scratches Suitable for all kitchen wood
Product is easy to use Suitable for wooden floors
Removes dirt and old wood oil Drying time of the product is 24-48 h
Does not contain any ingredients of animal origin Product is suitable for indoor use
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use Drying time of the product is 6-12 h
Brings a natural-looking shine For all types of wood
Some color tones are suitable for outdoor use Suitable for wooden furniture
Suitable for hardwood Protects wood from UV-rays
Increases wood durability Cleans and reinforces color and structure
Effective against all dirt Protects wood from moisture
Two treatments in one product Product is suitable for outdoor use