What is DIN 68861-1B:2011 standard?

This German standard offers a classification for different kinds of strain, which is identifying the quality and durability of a coating. The standard shows that the chemical resistance of the products has been tested and found to be good, i.e. the products are more tolerant of various chemical substances.

The most commonly used part of DIN 68861 is Part 1. It tests behaviour at chemical strain which indicates that the product has a good resistance against acids, colas, wines and other spills. 

To simulate practical chemical stress on ready-made furniture surfaces, depending on the required stress group, up to 26 test substances (including food, household chemicals, detergents) are applied to the test surface over time and surface changes are assessed after the exposure time. 

Other parts of the standard DIN 68861: Part 2 tests behaviour at abrasion. Part 4 tests behaviour at scratches. Part 6 tests behaviour at glowing cigarette. Part 7 tests Behaviour subjection to dry heat and Part 8 behaviour on subjection to wet heat.